Working Capital Loans

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Sometimes a business may look very healthy in the long term, but still be in danger of sudden collapse due to lack of working capital, or short term cash. This lack of liquidity can spell disaster to businesses, and it is the main reason why ventures fail. If a business is going to bite the dust it will usually do so in the first couple of years. This is precisely because before then, it is usually not possible to build up reserves of cash to overcome a short term crisis.

Raising short term capital is usually not that difficult. Every new business owner should scout out some sources of possible loans that they could call on in an emergency. It would be a tragedy to stand by and let a perfectly good business go down the tubes for the lack of a small injection of cash.

Working Capital Solutions

Most finance companies offer a range of solutions to small businesses looking for working capital loans. A straightforward loan is a possibility. It may also be possible to borrow under the SBA loan program for working capital purposes. In addition, many finance companies will purchase accounts receivable and thus give small businesses a breathing space in which to work.

Another possibility is the buy-back leasing scheme. Sometimes, instead of using vital operating capital, it is expedient to buy expensive machinery and equipment through a leasing scheme, in order to leave more cash free for day-to-day operation. This option is becoming increasingly popular because it reduces the potential burden of debt for new business owners.

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