Accept Checks Online

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When you decide to accept checks online, you may worry that you will be faced with a lot of bad checks. Bad checks account for a lot of lost time and revenue. Some merchants only accept credit cards for this reason.

New Ways to Accept Checks Online

The good news is that the technology now exists to virtually eliminate the problems that can occur when you accept checks online. If a customer passes a bad check, the merchant can have the bank monitor their bank account until there are sufficient funds, then transfer them back to the merchant. Bad check passers no longer have anywhere to hide.

If it is not possible to recover the money, sending the account into collections may be necessary. This is an expense and hassle no merchant wants. Many payment solutions companies now offer free collections services with their merchant packages.

With all of these great new technological advances, there is no reason not to accept checks online. Your customers will appreciate the option of choosing between credit cards and checks. Your business will grow as your customers return again and again.

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