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Accept Credit Card Payment

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Accept Credit Card Payment for Good Business

To accept credit card payment from customers is good business because it is good customer service. In today's competitive marketplace, merchants look for creative ways to make customers' shopping more comfortable and convenient. One of the best ways to invite the public to enter your store and shop with you is to accept credit card payment from the major cards.

By posting credit card signs outside your business and obtaining fast credit card payment processing, you let customers know they can afford to browse and buy because they don't have to pay cash. Impulse buying is a very important factor in sales volume, and merchants would be wise to encourage it. Being able to make purchases with a credit card often is decisive when customers see items they like.

Increase Sales Volume

One of the keys to ever-growing sales volume is acceptance of all payment methods so customers can choose from among several options. A buyer may have good reason to want to use a check at one store on one shopping trip and a credit card on another day for large items. By making it possible for buyers to select the best method of payment for them at any one time, you invite them to enter your store, knowing they can pay for anything that catches their eye.

The fact is, consumers spend more because they are able to use credit card payment. They shop at stores that accept credit card payment because they can use any payment method that suits them. Customers with credit cards spend 2 1/2 times more than those who must pay cash.

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