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Accept Credit Card Payment Online

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Accept Credit Card Payment Online with Security

To accept credit card payment online requires a special merchant account set up for card-not-present transactions. Fraud and security are two obvious issues that need extraordinary precautions in any online credit card payment system. A merchant who does not actually have the customer's credit card in hand is flying blind because there isn't any information available except what the customer provides.

For patrons ordering via your business website, security is a major concern. Some consumers are edgy about electronic shopping anyway, and addressing their concerns with a secure online credit card payment solution will make them feel confident about shopping on the Internet. In turn, this will increase your business simply because giving a card number is far faster and simpler than mailing in a check and waiting for it to clear before the merchandise ships.

Real Time Online Processing

Payment gateways offer packaged features that permit merchants to accept credit card payment online. You can process any major card in real time--meaning, within three seconds--while the customer is still online. This instant approval is accomplished with fraud and risk safeguards fully operational.

Being able to handle online orders swiftly holds down costs to your business in several ways. Automation always cuts down on employee staffing, so payroll is reduced or eliminated. All you have to do is open your email account that lets you accept credit card payment online and look at the orders placed and approved and ready to fill.

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