Accept Visa

Written by Samuel Wong
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More and more merchants across the globe are beginning to accept Visa. It used to be that the most prestigious establishments would only take American Express. It would be a rare event to see a Visa commercial on television a few decades ago. However, Visa is steadily gaining ground at all kinds of places, from the local convenience store to the most fancy five star hotels.

It used to be that most merchants would only accept MasterCard or American Express. People who had Visa cards were limited in where they could shop. It took a while for merchants to realize the buying power that comes with Visa cardholders. Now that many stores accept Visa along with the other credit cards, they have access to millions more potential customers who pass in front of their store each day. I always check for the Visa logo before I decide to make a purchase at a store, because it's the only card I carry!

The Majority of Merchants Accept Visa

Today, Visa is the number one payment card used all around the world. Visa cardholders have spent a few billion dollars in the past year. When you accept Visa, you gain over 1 billion potential customers. Studies have shown that purchases made with Visa cards have more value than those made without a Visa card.

Merchants who accept Visa are tapping into a network of prestigious, preferred buyers. Many merchants can take advantage of promotions and services offered by Visa, which will further drive sales, and ultimately make your business more successful.

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