Accept Visa Online

Written by Rachel Arieff
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The ability to accept the Visa brand of credit cards online is a must for any serious e-commerce business. Along with Mastercard, Visa carries the highest name recognition among consumers around the world, especially in the western hemisphere. The Visa corporation states that its credit card is used to conduct over $1 trillion in business every year, and that over a billion Visa cards are currently in use.

Thus, for an online business that opens itself up to this stream of revenue, the possibilities can be grand indeed. It doesn't matter whether the business is large or small. Indeed, one of the most attractive things about e-commerce is the greatly leveled playing field. This is precisely why so many small, relatively unknown companies have jumped to the next level--sometimes ahead of the far more established "big guys."

Reasons for Accepting Visa Online

In the online world, creativity and ingenuity repeatedly win out, as long as they don't sacrifice practicality. The combination of all of these factors is the basic recipe for success in e-commerce. This is why it's important, when setting up an account with an online credit card processing service, to make sure that the service utilizes payment gateways that are compatible with major credit cards such as Visa.

Visa is considered an industry leader not only because of its highly recognizable name, but also because of its reputation for security and fraud prevention. For example, Visa offers special tools, such as its CyberSource Advanced Fraud Screen, to help merchants and consumers combat credit card fraud. It also has a variety of security-based programs just for online merchants.

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