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Ach Account

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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ACH Account for Merchants

An ACH account must be set up in order for a merchant to use check processing services that facilitate acceptance of customers' checks. For online check processing, a merchant gateway offers an option for an online check form on the virtual terminal that processes transactions. There is a maximum limit on the dollar amount of each check, as well as the total amount of checks processed in a month.

Credit card payment options require a special merchant account for online purchases, but check processing alone does not require this. An ACH account (Automated Clearinghouse) allows a merchant to log into this national system to take online checks from Internet customers. By doing so, a merchant can increase business significantly through sales on a website. Online check payments are one of the fastest growing kinds of business transactions.

Low Costs for Services

Because no special Internet account has to be set up, a merchant can get online check processing at lower costs. Paperless checks can be handled electronically with lower transaction fees for the merchant. A system that can increase sales at cost-efficient service charges is a boon to merchants looking for new ways to appeal to potential customers.

An ACH account provides comprehensive services for check processing that let a merchant start processing checks without a large outlay of funds. Fraud and risk functions can be customized to the requirements of each business, with the appropriate level for the type of business operation. Customers are assured of the complete security of the information needed to make their purchases and pay by check.

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