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Ach Check Processing

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Easy ACH Check Processing

ACH check processing is a boon to those consumers who have no credit cards, but have the means to pay from their checking or savings account. Without nationwide ACH payment processing, these consumers would not be able to make online purchases, and merchants who have websites would not be able to increase their sales through the flourishing internet business. Total value of checks used in internet transactions is in the billions of dollars and increasing dramatically every year.

Local competition is often a serious challenge to the merchant who must keep the edge in developing new ways to attract new customers and keeping return business. Studies indicate that a major factor in increasing sales is merchant accounts that permit a business owner to safely accept all forms of payment for purchases. ACH check processing is a key element in a system that lets all paying customers choose their method of payment.

Check Verification

All-in-one payment systems cover check guarantee and conversion functions, and they also provide the merchant with check verification services. This permits the business owner to log into a database of negative information about a specific check or check-writer. The procedure is not an acceptance-or-rejection decision, but provides the owner with additional information so the owner can make an informed decision to accept or reject the check.

The ACH check processing system offers an approval or disapproval based on whether or not there is a match between the check-writer's account number or phone number in the negative database. If so, the system considers the writer a risk based on past problems with check payment, and recommends not accepting the check at issue. The decision to accept or reject is totally up to the merchant, however.

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