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Ach Debit

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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ACH Debit Suits Customer Needs

ACH debit services are not really optional in today's business climate. With fierce competition from the Internet, as well as local businesses, any merchant who wants to not only survive but thrive when businesses are vying for consumer dollars must provide all possible customer services. ACH check processing is essential for fast acceptance of customers' checks.

More consumers are becoming aware of the consequences of high credit card charges. Consumer education has emphasized that high personal debt is not only costly financially, but may jeopardize credit ratings and the ability to get loans for important purposes, such as purchase of a home. In this context, consumers are going the debit route more frequently, as proven by the amazing yearly increase in the value of online checks.

Check Conversion in the Store

Point-of-sale transactions provide an ultra-convenient arrangement for merchants and customers. When a customer writes a check, ACH debit services convert the paper check into an electronic process. The merchant is spared the necessity of making deposits of paper checks, and the customer immediately receives a validated check as a receipt.

Fraud and risk management procedures are inherent in the check processing system, but processing of the check on the spot gives an extra measure of protection against patrons who write a check without sufficient funds, then hope to cover the check later. Even though funds are not actually transferred immediately, just knowing the check will be verified or rejected instantly is a strong deterrent to writing checks that will bounce. ACH debit permits merchants to accept checks with the same assurance they accept credit cards.

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