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Ach Merchant Account

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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ACH Merchant Account Expands Payment Options

An ACH merchant account is included in a merchant account gateway, which is an inclusive, multi-featured solution that enables business owners to manage check and credit card processing from purchase to approval. Automated Clearinghouse (ACH) is an electronic check processing system that facilitates merchant acceptance of checks through its handling of every detail of the procedure. Only legitimate checking accounts in the United States are eligible for ACH services provided to merchants.

With the number of businesses and the number of transactions mushrooming on the Internet every year, a merchant would be overlooking a gold mine not to accept online checks from customers. An ACH merchant account offers complete services to permit a business owner to include an important group of customers who either do not have credit cards or choose to pay by check. By enabling a merchant to accept checks virtually risk-free, the ACH system opens up new territory for businesses seeking increased sales.

Workings of the System

Every detail of check acceptance is dealt with by the ACH merchant account. Online check forms assist customers in locating their routing number and account number. High security ensures the safety of customer personal and financial information and the safety of electronic transmissions involved.

This comprehensive system makes it easy for the customer to pay by check from an existing checking or savings account. With the value of online checks multiplying by several billion dollars each year, a merchant should seriously consider the dramatic benefits of being able to handle customer checks. This easy expansion of customer services is a simple way to increase sales and promote more business.

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