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Ach Online

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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ACH Online for Ultra Convenience

ACH online offers consumers the ultimate in convenience. First, consumers get to shop from the comfort of their home; they don't have to fight traffic, find parking, or go out in bad weather. They can stay in casual, at-home clothes, and browse a website at their leisure, taking breaks when necessary to answer the phone, feed the dog, or do dishes.

Second, online shopping can be done without pressure from sales clerks, and without standing in lines to make a purchase. Third, browsing, shopping, ordering, and paying can be done on one merchant website in a short time without the necessity of multiple steps to ascertain identification. ACH online services provide customers with this ultra-convenient shopping designed to streamline the entire experience.

All-in-One Shopping

Making payments online is fast and easy with electronic check processing. By providing customers with secure ACH services, merchants enable their customers to pay with paperless checks instead of credit cards. ACH (Automated Clearinghouse) is a nationwide system that processes online checks for the convenience of both the merchant and the customer so each can complete the transaction with confidence.

Customers can order an item, pay for it electronically using their own checking or savings account, and be assured that the item will be shipped right away. No need to mail a check, wait for it to clear, and only then have an order shipped. ACH online processing lets merchants accept payment by check and lets customers expedite ordering even without a credit card.

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