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Ach Payment

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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ACH Payment Means Customer Satisfaction

ACH payment acceptance by merchants means their patrons can pay by instantly-approved check, if they prefer. This is one important step in a business policy that accepts all methods of payment by customers--check and credit card. Studies show clearly the many advantages of a merchant being able to rapidly process checks and credit card payment from their patrons.

ACH processing is an electronic system that handles billions of paperless transactions every year for businesses and financial institutions. Paper payments are cumbersome at the point of sale, and are at risk of being lost or destroyed. Electronic check processing streamlines the procedure from start to verification by eliminating the necessity for paper checks in the first place, or by converting a paper check into an electronic procedure.

Nationwide System

ACH payment acceptance is firmly entrenched nationwide because it facilitates customer payment and thereby contributes to customer satisfaction. The most competitive businesses make sure they have the most advanced verification and approval setup available. By tapping into a nationwide database, these businesses reduce their risk of taking a bad check, and enable their customers who prefer checks to use them for payment.

ACH payment permits merchants to accept paperless payment for internet orders, for instance, and to convert paper checks at point-of-sale into an electronic transaction. Both procedures bring benefits to customer and merchant for a mutually-advantageous arrangement. The customer can pick any available option for payment, and the merchant can accept any option.

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