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Ach Processing

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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ACH Processing Takes Care of Risk

ACH processing (Automated Clearinghouse) has been around since the early 1970s, but its most advanced features are still not universally used by businesses. This is difficult to understand since ACH services make check processing safe, secure, and fast. Businesses that are interested in good customer service and rising sales know that accepting all methods of payment is good business.

Checks, however, are inherently risky for the merchant, far riskier than credit cards. Even if a name and address and phone number are printed on the check, the merchant has no way to tell just by looking if these are valid. If they are valid, there's no way to determine if there are sufficient funds in the checking account to cover the check.

Paperless Checks for Internet Purchases

Any merchant should take steps to take advantage of mushrooming internet sales. Consumer purchases online are mushrooming, and being able to accept all forms of payment ensures that all possible purchases come to your business. Some customers do not have credit cards, or their cards are maxed out, or they're trying to be disciplined by only buying what they can afford at the moment.

For one reason or another, a potential customer might prefer to pay by check, and ACH processing lets you choose to accept or reject that check after providing you with pertinent information. Online check processing does not require a special merchant account, as credit card processing does, so consider ACH processing for boosting sales by letting customers choose their payment method.

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