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Ach Processor

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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ACH Processor Facilitates Check Payments

An ACH processor is good business, for it expands the alternative payment methods for consumers. By de-limiting the payment possibilities for patrons, merchants increase their sales. A customer can browse, perhaps with no plans to buy anything, and then make a purchase when an appealing item is spotted.

Without needing to think about sufficient cash in the wallet or the credit cards left in the other purse, the patron can make the purchase anyway. This impulse buying is an important element in sales volume; unplanned purchases make up a substantial part of any store's business. By encouraging consumers to engage in window shopping freely through ACH services, businesses make it easy to convert that "just looking" activity into sales.

Some Prefer Checks

For many good reasons, some consumers prefer to pay by check when making any purchase. They may not have credit cards, but if they can pay by check, your business still makes the sale. An ACH processor handles credit and debit transactions and makes point-of-sale payments an easy proceeding for both merchant and customer.

The check guarantee element in an ACH processor lets the merchant safely accept the customer's check, knowing there is protection from non-sufficient funds. The merchant gets electronic approval for check acceptance, and can then safely deposit the payment. Another invaluable function of ACH check processing is the conversion of a paper check at point-of-sale into an electronic event that gives the merchant the assurance that the check is acceptable.

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