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Ach Services

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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ACH Services Protect Merchants and Customers

ACH services provide strong security for merchants who accept checks and for their customers who prefer to pay by check. Accepting check payments is far riskier than taking credit card payments because the merchant has no way of verifying the items on the face of the check without some independent source of information. With a comprehensive check processing system, business owners can take checks with the same assurance as taking credit cards.

ACH services have been available to businesses since the early 1970s, and with every advance in technology, these services have brought greater protection for merchants and their patrons. By protecting business owners against fraud and loss, ACH processing permits owners to enhance their sales by accepting a preferred payment method from patrons. By protecting the security of online check payments, ACH enables internet shoppers to pay by check and know their financial information is safeguarded.

Convenient Services

Any time a merchant can bring greater convenience to shoppers, increased sales volume will reflect that enhancement. One of the conveniences customers expect from businesses today is acceptance of any payment method. Whenever a business owner can advertise that all payment methods are accepted, customers take note and, in fact, head for those stores first.

Studies show quite clearly that consumers patronize businesses that make every aspect of shopping convenient, safe, and pleasant. Paying for purchases is a major part of the entire store experience, and customers want it to be fast, with no glitches. ACH services provide smooth, rapid transaction processing for merchant and customer alike.

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