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Ach Transfer

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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ACH Transfer of Funds

ACH transfer of funds is handled as swiftly and easily as check processing and credit card payment. Automated Clearinghouse (ACH) is a national electronic system that was initiated in the early 1970s to streamline merchant acceptance of credit and debit transactions. One of the primary purposes of the system is to protect business owners from losses that can be substantial through bounced checks and invalid credit cards.

By permitting customers to use their present checking or savings account to make purchases, an ACH transfer procedure enables merchants to accept checks either online or in person with safety and security. Paperless checks are an important factor in letting a merchant tap into the boom in internet purchases by check. For those consumers who cannot or do not want to pay by credit card, electronic check processing means they can, nevertheless, buy desired items online.

Check Guarantee and Conversion

Check guarantee is a traditional, long-standing procedure that has now been coupled with check conversion for even better customer service. The convenience of electronic check conversion has been joined to the protection of check guarantee for the mutual benefit of merchant and customer. For business owners, being able to accept checks virtually risk-free means expanding options for customers without fear of jeopardy.

ACH transfer of funds is usually accomplished within 48 hours for online checks. Business owners can transpose paper checks into electronic deposits within 48 hours, or two business days. For point-of-sale checks, transfer of funds is completed within five business days in the ACH system.

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