American Express Credit Cards

Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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American Express is one of the oldest and most widely recognized credit card companies in the world. While many credit cards are issued through general-use banks, the American Express bank exists solely in conjunction with the card, and has no branch offices or non-credit accounts.

Originally, American Express required that the card's balance always be completely paid off within 30 days of any purchase. Their current selection of credit cards now offer a number of alternative options. While some American Express credit cards, including the original card, the gold card, and the platinum card still have the 30 day payment timeframe, other cards can paid on an installment basis over a period of time. The American Express Blue card, the Gold Optima card, and Cash Rebate card are among some of the cards that include this option.

Special American Express Credit Cards

American Express also provides cards for a number of special needs. Their Delta SkyMiles card can be used for travel, lodging, and rental car expenses, and can help you earn bonus rewards. They also offer a number of secured cards, as well as cards intended for students.

Customers appreciate the convenience of American Express online account management. Not only can you pay your monthly bill online, but you can also use the Internet to view all activity on your card, manage balance transfers, and apply for an increase in your line of credit. ShopAmex is a service from American Express that can help you locate items online and compare prices and quality before making a purchase. They also offer extended payment plans for some circumstances, consumer fraud protection, and buyer's insurance.

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