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American Express Merchant Account

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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American Express Merchant Account Brings Customers

An American Express merchant account permits business owners to draw on one of the best-spending, most loyal groups of credit card holders. As a whole, customers who have credit cards outspend cash-only customers, but American Express members even outdo bank card holders. Of those card members who shop at retail outlets, 25% carry only their AmEx card to the exclusion of bank cards.

Even the Internet garners their business to an impressive degree. An American Express merchant account gives a business owner access to AmEx card members, who are 60% more likely than bank card holders to have made a purchase from the Internet. The average Internet purchase for each card member who made an online order was $1,268 in a year.

Affluent Shoppers

As a group, AmEx shoppers who make purchases at retail stores have an average income of over $83,000. These retail customers spent an average of 31% more than bank card holders on the last item they bought. Perhaps most impressive is the fact that more than 70% of the Fortune 500 has the American Express corporate card.

An American Express merchant account gives you access to this group of affluent consumers by providing credit card payment services. Electronic card processing is a part of a new merchant account and it offers the fast, reliable handling of purchase payments that AmEx card holders expect. Accepting American Express cards, and displaying the AmEx sign prominently, attracts this group of prosperous consumers.

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