Aspire Credit Cards

Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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Aspire credit cards can be useful for helping you establish a credit history. They can also help repair your credit rating. These cards feature a high APR, as well as high annual fees, making them only suited for a limited number of uses. If you currently have no established credit history or a credit report marred by delinquent payments, and you believe that you'll be able to clear your monthly balance without fail, then Aspire cards may hold some benefits for you, despite their high fees.

Aspire cards charge very high interest rates and feature a minimum APR of 20 percent for purchases, and 25 percent for cash advances. They also charge an annual fee that averages a hundred dollars. Cash advances are billed an additional five dollar fee, in addition to interest. Late fees for an Aspire card start at 35 dollars, and are often higher. With all of these charges, you may be unsure as to what possible benefits an Aspire card can offer. They offer the chance for responsible cardholders to build a great credit rating by showing a reliable payment history with such a card.

The Benefits of Aspire Credit Cards

If you have poor credit or no established credit, you'll find that cards featuring the most attractive APRs will be unavailable to you. Low APR credit cards are reserved for customers with the best credit ratings, as they represent the lowest risk. However, high APR cards, such as the Aspire card, will most likely be available to you. In spite of their high fees, Aspire cards offer a month-long grace period from the time of purchase. This means that you will not be charged interest on a purchase for a month after the fact. If you're able to pay off the balance before the grace period expires, you can avoid accruing interest. By using an Aspire credit card sensibly, and making sure that you always clear the balance, you can establish a favorable credit history. Because the Aspire APR is so high, regular payments will make even more of an impact on your credit report. Once you've established good credit by keeping your balance clear, you'll be eligible for low APR cards.

Aspire cards also offer some additional features for cardholders. These include Internet account access and management. Other details include emergency services, such as card replacement, cash replacement, and emergency and travel assistance. Aspire cards are also insured against unauthorized purchases.

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