Bank Of America Credit Cards

Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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Bank of America is among the top five financial institutions in the world, and has built a solid reputation over the years. Bank of America has been voted the top small business lender in the country, but they also offer services to other interests as well. They provide many varieties of credit cards, ranging from personal and business accounts, to student cards, to specialty and secured cards.

With nearly one-third of American households as customers, Bank of America has become a trusted and highly popular credit card provider. Bank of America credit cards include conventional low rate cards for applicants with a great credit rating, as well as secured cards for customers attempting to repair their damaged credit reports. They also offer specialty cards, catering to specific markets. These include travel cards, such as the Bank of America Platinum Travel Visa. This card can provide automatic discounts on travel-related services, or reward the cardholder with cash back when used for travel expenses. Business cards can also provide discounts on travel, car rental, lodging, dining, and entertainment.

Features of Bank Of America Credit Cards

Bank of America offers cards with a zero percent introductory APR for people interested in transferring their balance from another card. Although these types of offers are primarily extended in the interest of luring customers away from other cards, Bank of America offers a low variable interest rate after the introductory period has expired. This stands in contrast to some other providers, who entice new customers with a zero percent introductory APR, only to nail them with an unfairly high rate if they haven't managed to clear their balance within the introductory period. The Bank of America Visa Platinum card even offers a low fixed APR of 8.9 percent that remains in effect until a transferred balance is cleared.

Customers with credit problems can apply for secured Bank of America cards. These cards only provide a line of credit equal to a prepaid deposit, but can be useful in rebuilding credit. Because they are prepaid, there is never an outstanding balance, which reflects on a credit report as regular payment. Bank of America student and teen cards are also secured by a cash deposit or account, but are intended to help young cardholders establish good credit, rather than repair bad credit.

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