Capital One Credit Cards

Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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Capital One is among the top credit card providers in the country. Having built itself up from a local bank, Capital One is now the card of choice for nearly fifty million customers worldwide. In addition to covering millions of dollars in credit cards and loans, Capital One is also an industry leader in the technological side of the business. They are constantly working to provide customers with new and better credit options, as well as the best in online banking, account access, and smart-card technology.

Capital One offers a variety of cards designed to suit a number of different needs. In addition to standard credit cards, Capital One also provides business cards for small and large companies, student credit cards, and frequent traveler cards. They also offer cash back cards, which provide rebates based on the amount spent using the card. One of these cards, Capital One's ClearCash credit card, offers a fixed 9.9 APR, and is available to customers with a good credit rating.

Types of Capital One Credit Cards

The Capital One platinum card offers an even lower 8.9 fixed APR, and also features a customer rewards system. Another card offering a rewards system is the Miles One credit card. This card can help the holder accumulate frequent flier miles and other benefits with every travel-related purchase. In addition, the Miles One card is also eligible for discounts when used to pay at some airlines, hotels, and restaurants.

Capital One's student credit cards are designed for new college students, many of whom will have had little experience with credit cards. One type of student card is associated with an account, usually overseen by the parents of the student. This type of card works like a secured card, in that the line of credit is equal to the balance of the account. While the student is away at school, his or her parents can deposit money into the account to cover expenses. These accounts can also accept gift deposits, meaning relatives can add birthday money to the card's account, rather than send cash through the mail. Another type of student card provides online account access to both the student and parents. The purchase tracking features included with online access can help students maintain a budget. Parents can also use the online access to monitor the account in order to make sure that the card is being used wisely.

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