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Card Credit Payment Processor

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Easy Card Credit Payment Processor

A card credit payment processor can be a point-of-sale (POS) unit or a virtual terminal; each meets the needs of various kinds of businesses, from retail to mail order. POS, or card-present, transactions occur in stores and restaurants where the customer hands a credit card to the merchant for processing. All-in-one terminals operate quickly and quietly and take up little counter or wall space.

"All-in-one" indicates this card credit payment processor handles electronic transactions that involve credit and debit cards, smart cards, and electronic benefits transfer (EBT) phone cards. Such terminals also verify check validity, so any conventional payment processing is handled with ease. Intended to be user-friendly so merchants can rapidly process customer payments, these terminals facilitate credit card payment processing for the busy merchant.

Wireless Equipment

If you go to flea markets, or sell merchandise at sports stadiums, kiosks, parking lots, or any outdoor spot, wireless, battery-run terminals are perfect. These are also "all-in-one," so even checks can be verified in the field, so to speak. No need to guess, go on intuition, or take all customers and payment on faith--a portable, slim, hand-held card credit payment processor gives you fast, accurate verification.

Aside from loss prevention, the advantage of these small units is they enable one person to sell and verify credit card payment quickly. This increases sales volume and reduces the need for other employees to take on oversight duties. Even if you are far from electrical sources, these terminals permit business to be conducted as well as if you were in a store.

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