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Check Processing Solution

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Check Processing Solution for Business Owners

A check processing solution is necessary for merchants who want to expand their customer services to include payment by check. Handling checks manually is tedious; making deposits is time-consuming. For fast, care-free management of this area, ACH services offer merchants features that make check acceptance from customers easy.

There is a maximum check processing monthly limit, and a maximum amount per check, with higher amounts possible on approval. This ACH payment processing applies to United States checking accounts only. Available since the early 1970s, the ACH check processing solution now handles billions of payments every year.

Value of Online Checks

Accepting online checks has been made possible through modern, electronic processing that instantly handles the steps necessary to approve a transaction. This permits merchants to tap into the bonanza of business resulting from Internet transactions. Now approaching $10 billion worth, these online checks increase sales for business owners and let customers expand their payment options.

Knowing their financial information will remain secure, customers have jumped into internet shopping in a big way, to the delight of merchants who have increasingly put their websites on the Internet. For both customer and merchant, paperless check processing represents the easiest, fastest way to use an existing checking or savings account to make a payment for an online purchase. This ACH check processing solution enables business owners to confidently accept online checks without fear of losses that previously had been substantial.

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