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Check Processing System

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Check Processing System Benefits

A check processing system encourages customers to pay by any method available to them--check or credit card. Implementing such a system is a beneficial step for merchants to take to expand their customer base and, therefore, their sales. By making it possible for customers to make purchases without thought to the method of payment, merchants let patrons focus on the pleasures of shopping, rather than any roadblocks to the actual purchasing transaction.

Creating an atmosphere of positive possibilities instead of negative limitations, merchants reach out to potential shoppers and let them know that their preferred method of payment is welcome. A check processing system assists business owners tremendously by making such universal acceptance of payment methods easy and secure. ACH services, for instance, offer a check guarantee/conversion/verification system that rapidly takes care of payments by check.

ACH Covers All Aspects of Check Payments

Check guarantee is a traditional service that ACH has incorporated into its comprehensive check processing system. This protects a merchant from checks written on insufficient funds by insuring the amount written on the check. A business owner gets electronic authorization or voice approval for the check payment, and deposits the check.

Check conversion lets the business owner convert the paper check into an electronic transaction on-the-spot, thus making it unnecessary to deposit the check. Check verification permits merchant access to a negative database that determines if there is a match between the check writer's home telephone number or check account number. The decision to accept or reject the check is up to the merchant in this processing system.

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