Check Verification

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Check verification is not the headache and hassle it used to be. If you have stopped accepting checks because of the difficulty in processing them or because of the risk of bounced checks, you may want to look into the new payment processing solutions that are available.

New, Secure Check Verification Systems

Check verification is not the hit-and-miss game it used to be. Whether the customer is paying via phone, mail, e-mail, or online, verifying the checks has never been easier. It is much harder for con artists to pass bad checks off on unsuspecting merchants than it used to be, thanks to several safeguards that have been put into place.

For electronic checks, the customer will need to give you the routing number on the actual check. When you have the customer's actual check in hand, you can check the account information for yourself. The best systems allow you to verify bank accounts in real-time, assuring that you will not be left holding a worthless check.

There are some great online payment systems out there today. In addition to looking for one that allows real-time check verification, there are some other things to look out for. Make sure the system provides SSL encryption in all of its transactions and other anti-fraud tools. You want your payment processing to be as secure and state-of-the-art as possible, for the sake of both you and your customers.

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