Credit Card Avs

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Credit card AVS is an anti-fraud verification system that helps merchants to verify a cardholder's identity. AVS stands for Address Verification System and is exactly that. It verifies the cardholder's shipping address and matches the mailing address on file with the bank.

There are some limitations with credit card AVS. For instance, it cannot check international addresses. Many merchants do not accept credit cards from international customers for this reason. However, there are other payment options for international buyers.

Credit Card AVS is Now Required

Credit card AVS is now required for telephone and Internet transactions. Without it, there is just too much possibility for fraud. Criminals with stolen credit card numbers can easily make purchases online if there are no security measures or checks like AVS.

There are online payment solutions providers who make AVS simple and straightforward. Checking the customer's address is done automatically. You will be protected from a great deal of credit card fraud, saving you money and a lot of headaches.

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