Credit Card Deals

Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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Chances are you can't open your mailbox, turn on your TV, or log on to the Internet without being inundated with offers for credit card deals. In an effort to win new customers, credit card companies are highly competitive, advertising a wide variety of special offers and features. The positive side of this is that it can mean more options and advantages for the customer. The negative side can be that wealth of information that new customers must sort through in order to isolate the best and most sensible credit card deals.

The best kind of deal a credit card can offer is a low APR, especially one that's zero percent. However, zero percent APR cards are reserved for customers with the very highest credit ratings, as they represent the least amount of risk to the credit card company. Other cards might offer a zero percent APR as an introductory rate, as an effort to entice new customers. The introductory rate would allow for a certain period of time before interest is charged on purchases made with the card. These types of cards can be especially useful for customers who want to transfer their balance from one card to another, and who plan on paying the remainder of that balance shortly thereafter. This can save hundreds of dollars that would have otherwise gone towards interest fees on the original card.

Types of Credit Card Deals

Some credit card companies offer special deals in conjunction with a specific business or chain of retail outlets. These companies issue a card through a store, bearing that store's name and logo. Every time you use the card to make a purchase from that store, you earn a small rebate, in the form of having a small percentage deducted from your balance. These cards often offer additional benefits as well, such as using gift certificates or merchandise to reward customers who spend a certain amount of money at the store each month.

Other popular deals include credit cards for frequent travelers. These cards can earn travel-related awards when used for certain travel expenses. The rewards can include frequent flier miles, as well as discounted car rentals, dining, and lodging. Cash back cards cover a broad range of expenses, and can provide you with instant rebates as a reward for spending a certain amount of money with the card. These rebates are deducted from your standing balance on a monthly basis. If you have this type of card, and keep the balance relatively clear at the end of each month, you can save quite a bit of money.

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