Credit Card Debt Help

Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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There are a number of organizations and resources available to help you manage your credit card debt. Debt counseling and consolidation agencies can assist you in drafting and maintaining a payment system that can alleviate your debts and start repairing your credit. Before consulting such resources, it's always wise to research the organization through such outlets as the Better Business Bureau or the Internet.

Credit Card Debt Help Options

Credit counseling agencies can help you gain control and perspective over your debts when they become overwhelming. These organizations can assist you with debt management in a number of ways. If you have multiple outstanding balances with a variety of creditors, the agency might help consolidate all of your debts into one sum, which you can then start to pay off in regular monthly installments, usually at a lower APR. The agency might also buy your debt, allowing you to make payments directly to the agency, at a reduced interest rate. Credit counseling agencies might also intervene on your behalf with your creditors, helping you get a lower interest rate, a longer grace period, or even suspended payments until you're able to get back on your feet following an emergency.

Credit card consolidation groups work much like counseling agencies, without as much direct contact with your creditors. They also buy your debt from your creditors. They then help you compose a payment schedule suitable to your current finances and income, which you must then use to make regular payments against the lump sum of your debt. Consolidation usually can save you some money as well, as the debts from multiple creditors are billed at a single interest rate.

Finally, if you're behind in your payments, but don't yet feel in need of professional debt assistance, you can often appeal directly to your creditors. If you have a good credit rating, and have been a responsible customer in the past, many credit card companies will be willing to work with you to establish a plan to clear your balance. This might include a temporary suspension of payments, or a temporarily low APR, in order to allow you to continue your relationship with the company.

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