Credit Card Generators

Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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Credit card generators are software programs used by hackers and other cyber-criminals to commit online credit card fraud. These programs use an algorithm to create random credit card numbers that can possibly correspond to an existing account. While chances are slim that a credit card generator program will successfully replicate a real card number, it does occasionally happen. The programs are usually easy to locate online and download, and are simple enough for most novice cyber criminals to operate.

As the software provides numbers, the user usually tests the results by using the bogus virtual credit card to sign-up for an online service. Adult websites are usually favored for these tests. If a user finds a valid card number that works, their next step is to move on to more expensive fraud. Cyber-thieves can use numbers from the generator to make thousands of dollars worth of purchases from online stores, all of which are billed to the real cardholder. Many websites, especially those based overseas, do not include identity verification as part of their credit card authorization process. As a result, criminals only need a card number, and can fabricate the rest of the information.

The Dangers of Credit Card Generators

Online merchants usually wind up paying the price for fraud involving credit card generators. When a cardholder receives their statement and realizes that unauthorized purchases have been made on their account, they will notify the card provider, who will then refund their money. However, the merchant must still cover the cost of the purchase. Merchant losses related to credit card fraud are known as "chargebacks," and they can be quite harmful to an online business with substandard security measures.

In order to avoid being stuck with chargebacks, online merchants should always be certain that they're employing the latest and most reliable online transaction methods. Cyber-criminals constantly search for weaknesses to exploit, and with enough persistence, can sometimes find a new angle. If you operate an online store that accepts credit cards, you should regularly verify the integrity of your virtual terminal, shopping, and authorization software. Otherwise, your profits might be swallowed by chargebacks.

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