Credit Card Machine Ribbons

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Some distributors sell credit card machine ribbons along with printer paper. In most cases, they match volumes of ink ribbon with the corresponding amounts of paper it will take to deplete that much ink. Oftentimes, ten rolls of paper accompany one ribbon. When sold separately, ribbon usually comes in packs of three, six, and twelve.

Some of the more prominent ribbon distributors include IBM, VeriFone, Epson, and Hypercom. Point-of-sale printers come in a variety of forms, including laser, dot matrix, and ink jet; these various types of printers require different kinds of ribbon. Most printers intended specifically for credit card machines require ribbon. Some businesses use regular office printers to create receipts, and they may use ink cartridges.

Different Types of Ribbon and How to Make Purchases

Business owners can choose between red, purple, and black ink. These colors generally cost the same amount of money, so which one to choose is really just a matter of personal preference. Most internet stores classify different ribbon products based on color and the printer models to which each product corresponds. This makes choosing the right ribbon very simple.

The same companies that offer merchant accounts, credit card terminals, and printers often sell printer ribbon as well. After surfing through these companies' ink selections, people can buy other items as well. It is a good idea to keep of notation of when these supplies were last purchased, and in what quantities, so that how often new supplies need to be purchased can be estimated and tracked.

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