Credit Card Number Generator Downloads

Written by Kevin Tavolaro
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Credit card number generators are programs used by cyber criminals to commit online credit card fraud. The programs use specific algorithms to produce thousands of possible credit card numbers. While these numbers are not likely to correspond to any existing credit cards, if someone tries often enough, the odds are good that they'll occasionally replicate a valid card. If they then use the counterfeit card to make purchases online, it is the merchant who will ultimately suffer.

When someone composes a list of possible credit card numbers compiled by a number generating program, they will usually test each one to determine its validity. They usually do this by trying to use each number to register for an online service, usually an adult website.

Most numbers will be useless, but once they successfully gain access to a pay site with a number, the cyber-crook will know they've duplicated an actual account. Because there's such a risk of being caught, most of these scammers will use the number to make several expensive purchases in a short amount of time, before discarding the number and finding another one.

The Dangers Inherent with Credit Card Number Generator Downloads

If someone spends a lot of money on your site using a pilfered credit card number, the real cardholder will undoubtedly bring their mysteriously high bill to the card provider. Once it has been determined that purchases were unauthorized, the charges will be removed from the cardholder's balance. However, the provider is not required to compensate you, the merchant, for the scam. This means that you're left having to handle the expense of the theft. Expenses stemming from unauthorized purchases are called "chargebacks," and they can add up quickly, having a significant effect on your bottom line.

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