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Credit Card Payment Gateway

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Credit Card Payment Gateway for Increased Business

Credit card payment gateway software for merchant accounts is an electronic program that lets any merchant process credit card payments automatically. By eliminating human error, this program brings reliable processing to credit card payments. The rapid, accurate processing of credit card payments is essential to the productivity of a business.

Internet payment gateways offer security and convenience for customers, thereby increasing their inclination to use a credit card to buy merchandise. If you are in retail, or have a mail order home business, these credit card payment gateway programs let you process payments with little or no risk. Fraud prevention features build into the system make credit card payment safe and reliable.

Benefits of Taking Credit Cards

It is a fact that consumers make more frequent purchases and larger purchases when they can use a credit card instead of cash. Every day in this country, 52 million transactions using credit and debit cards take place using VISA and MasterCard. So far this year, consumers have made purchases amounting to a 12% increase over last year.

Your business can participate in this bonanza by offering quick, secure processing of major credit cards with a credit card payment gateway for the convenience of your customers. Customers are more likely to shop at places displaying credit card signs, especially if they have to ask if the business accepts a particular card. If you can offer credit card acceptance, you can also take advantage of impulse buying, which is more frequent when a credit card can be used.

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