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Credit Card Payment Information

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Credit Card Payment Information Spells Out Services

Credit card payment information should not only discuss instant credit card processing--the goal of electronic processing--but should also relate some of the lesser-known benefits of this processing. A credit card payment system handles much more than just approval of card purchases. Wireless terminals, for instance, offer hand-held technology that lets you process transactions at concession stands, kiosks, stadiums, or in taxis and limousines.

If you conduct business in temporary quarters or door-to-door, the wireless terminal has a 12-hour rechargeable battery, printer, and wireless modem. It can run all kinds of cards--EBT, smart cards--and has check guarantee and verification. For representatives who travel or attend business meetings away from headquarters, there is the cellphone service that lets them accept credit card payments from wherever.

Prevent Chargebacks

Credit card payment information should discuss the importance of preventing chargebacks--the rescission of a sale. These can be serious for any business, but especially for those enterprises that are still marginal. Not only do you lose the money from the sale, but frequently you lose the merchandise, and pay a fee to the bank that issued the card used by the customer.

Undoubtedly, you process VISA and MasterCard, and perhaps American Express and Discover. All these associations and companies have excellent rules and information about preventing chargebacks. The credit card payment information that accompanied these accounts should have detailed procedures that will curtail or eliminate chargebacks.

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