Credit Card Processing Machines

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Some of the most efficient and cost effective credit card machines on the market are combination units, which consist of several features all in one integrated unit. It costs surprisingly little extra money to buy credit card units with printers attached. Oftentimes, stand-alone printers cost well over $150. Popular brand names include VeriFone, Hypercom, and Nurit, all of which offer these all-in-one machines.

There are very few advantages in buying printers and terminals separately. Combination machines come with printers that operate at speeds reaching 13 lines per second. One would be hard pressed to find printers faster than that. All wireless credit card processing machines come fully integrated, containing both printers and PIN pads.

Combination Machines with Integrated PIN Pads

Even some landline machines can be purchased with attached PIN pads. Sold separately, PIN pads cost approximately $150. Most businesses that allow their customers to pay with credit cards also provide the option of using debit cards, which cannot be used without customers entering their personal identification numbers. Moreover, a separate PIN pad takes up valuable counter space.

Refurbished combination machines can cost as little as $200 for the most basic terminal-printer units. Buying a printer and terminal that perform the same functions as separate components often costs well over $300. Before buying any of these products over the Internet, consumers should make sure they read the fine print, which indicates the features of various machines and tell potential buyers what they will have to buy separately.

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