Credit Card Processors

Written by Samuel Wong
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There are several credit card processors available from which to choose. There are probably close to 10,000 processors in the United States alone. What services would a processor perform? The range of services is wide; however, these may be tailored to one component of a company's business plan. A credit card processor is needed to take money from a credit card and transfer that money to the merchant account. Any of these processors will have a host of individuals or businesses that require the services of credit card processors.

Once a purchase is made and a credit card is tendered, the job of one of these processors is to forward the payment amount, location and name of business to the card's issuing bank. Once the bank has approved the transaction (many times done at the time of swipe), the issuing bank will send the money to one of these credit card processors. In all cases, this is the processor for which the business has employed to provide their merchant account services.

Credit Card Processors Handle All The Details

Once the payment has been forwarded to one of these credit card processors, the funds are disbursed to the client's merchant account. The actual merchant account is the service that is provided by a company to process their credit cards. Most companies have the funds transferred directly into their business account. Credit processors truly are one of those "behind the scenes operators" that help the world of shopping and transfer of funds thrive. Without credit card processors, there would be no more credit cards!

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