Credit Card Processors

Written by Gregg Ruais
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All businesses that want to accept credit or debit cards need to open up merchant accounts with credit card processors. These companies take a percentage of the revenue their clients obtain through credit transactions. In addition, they produce monthly statements detailing all sales activity, and for this service they also charge a small fee.

Services Rendered by Credit Card Processors

Business owners have a wide selection of processors from which to choose. These businesses vary in terms of the rates they charge, how fast they accept payments, which credit cards they accept, and how much technical support they offer. Certain credit card processors are better fits for particular businesses than others. Some merchant account providers specialize in e-commerce. These businesses might offer web hosting, shopping cart features, and ensure secure transactions. Another convenient feature offered by some processors is the ability to accept checks via email.

It's not uncommon for merchant account providers to offer business solutions in addition to credit card processing. After all, they receive revenue based on how well their clients perform in the marketplace. Certain companies offer free online marketing. Some even bring PC software solutions to their customers.

All credit card processors will set their clients up for Visa and MasterCard. However, many providers differ when it comes to the other cards. Not all processors include ATM cards, American Express, and Discover as part of their basic plans. Some may charge extra to set up these cards, while others will do it for free. However, basic POS hardware will also need to be purchased for a merchant to be able to handle credit transactions.

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