Credit Card Terminals

Written by Samuel Wong
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So much for the plain credit card terminals of the past--new, more exciting models are here to stay! Do you remember going to the department store to buy jeans, and upon presenting your credit card, a 40-pound weapon of opportunity otherwise known as a "credit card machine" was brandished? I don't know about you, but I always wondered what saved the term "credit card machine" from being attached to a series of bad dance moves from the '80s! At any rate the important thing is that now long gone are the manual "swipe-swipes" of the past. Now we have credit card terminals that allow a single swipe, and no one gets carpal tunnel from "mis-swipes."

Credit card terminals have started to integrate tasks you would not expect in an on-counter terminal. Some terminals have the ability to charge and recharge gift cards and phone cards. In the past, there were terminals, printers and registers. The next step up in the evolution produced credit card terminals with printers built in. The most commonly seen now are the registers that are actually computers, that have built-in terminals, and the credit card is swiped through the keyboard!

User-Friendly Credit Card Terminals

There are other terminals that are designed to be used by the customer. These credit card terminals can tell someone something as simple as the remaining balance on a phone card or gift card. Other terminals are seen at self-checkouts at supermarkets.

Credit card terminals and their uses will continue to increase as our instant merchant accounts continue to run wild. Have no worries, we will always be able to count on them for their primary purpose: to take our money!

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