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Dassault System

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Software Leader: Dassault System

Dassault System is a prestigious French enterprise with worldwide subsidiaries, partners, and customers. This flourishing technology leader in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions was a pioneer in the 3D software industry over 20 years ago. Today, the Dassault System group develops and promotes PLM application software and services throughout the world.

Its development of software that streamlines manufacturing operations and processes has made this dynamic business entity a world leader in certain technology for industries. This distinguished group of subsidiaries develops and offers hardware or software that is run by PLM solutions or is guaranteed to run by Dassault. Recently, Dassault formed a partnership with Schneider Electric, a world leader in automation, to expand the possibilities of its vision beyond PLM.

Global PLM Solutions

Dassault system works with major corporations in the automotive, aviation, electronics, and other fields to arrive at holistic processes that implement greater adaptability and innovation, and improve quality and cost efficiency. Two of its most recent partnerships were formed with Toyota and Ford in order to develop and realize the latest concepts in automobiles. By emphasizing more economical and progressive approaches, Dassault helps the industries of the world sustain and protect the environment.

IBM is another major company that has worked closely with Dassault for more than 20 years, and has increased its participation in promoting Dassault PLM solutions. The V5 platform for software has risen to a place of prominence in the industry, and several software companies have designed their most advanced products based on the V5 concept. Such innovation filters down to the products used in retail businesses that use electronic check processing and credit card payment services. For transforming the very fundamentals of industrial processes, Dassault is deservedly considered one of the world's most illustrious endeavors.

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