Direct Debit

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Direct debit is a great way to automate the process of billing recurring payments to your customers. The customer authorizes you to automatically deduct money from their account on a set date each payment period. It is perfect for subscription-based services or monthly membership payments.

Direct Debit Saves Time and Money

Direct debit is great for your customers because it allows them to pay without having to mail a check or re-enter their credit card information each time. The system will send them an automated reminder before each billing period so they can update their records. You as the merchant don't have to do anything.

For merchants, direct debit is a real lifesaver. It saves both time and money and allows them to spend time on more productive matters. Employees who typically spend hours every month sending out payment reminders or invoices have their time freed up for other things.

There are online payment solutions companies that provide excellent direct debit services. Make sure to choose a service that is secure with SSL encryption. Your customers' security is incredibly important. You don't want to risk their personal information by not providing the safest environment possible.

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