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Discount Merchant Account

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Full-Featured Discount Merchant Account

A discount merchant account brings a merchant all the many features of the best electronic payment processing systems, but with most of those features free. The best system providers have been in business for years, and they have the experience to package all the services and equipment a business might want. Equipment and rates are mostly itemized, so a start-up business could get basic equipment and services and expand later when there is more discretionary income.

For instance, a card-present retailer would not need a virtual terminal, which processes real time transactions on the Internet. Likewise, shopping carts and Internet processing software would be irrelevant. On the other hand, these are some of the essentials for an online business that does not have a retail outlet, and they are part of a discount merchant account.

Compare Websites

If you are impressed with the possibilities of electronic payment processing for your business, take the time to go online and do some comparison shopping. Many system providers have websites; compare features, prices, services, training, and support. You will find some critical differences, especially in the charges for various features.

A discount merchant account will bring you all the services you need whether you have a small or large business, and most of them should be free. Read the information in each website, read the list of items available from each company, and check off the ones you think you need now. See what the totals are and consider how many them have initial charges or ongoing charges. You should be able to determine the best deal in short order.

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