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Discover Credit Card Payment

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Discover Credit Card Payment Means Expanded Customer Base

Discover credit card payment acceptance is a simple way to enlarge your business's customer base. Although Visa is the largest bank association in the world, Discover is the largest independent credit card network in this country. With $100 billion in transactions, Discover credit card payment acceptance gives you access to another huge group of consumers who spend more when they can use their credit card.

By posting signs in a noticeable spot that you accept all major cards, you can increase your sales by up to 40%. Cash-and-carry customers simply do not buy as much merchandise as credit card users, who can more freely make unplanned purchases. There are over 50 million Discover card holders, and Discover credit card payment processing enables your enterprise to share in the billions of dollars in purchases made by this group of card holders alone.

Good Business Sense

Research shows that customer loyalty to businesses that welcome their card is a definite factor in the decision about where to shop. Customers like to shop where they are comfortable, and acceptance of their Discover card will influence them to return where they know their preferred credit card payment is gladly received. Including as many groups of customers as possible just makes good business sense because it means more sales.

Signing up for Discover acceptance as part of merchant accounts requires separate steps, but merchant account providers can relay your request to Discover. A Discover agent will contact you and make sure you understand their program and that you qualify for it. Taking Discover cards is just one more way to expand your access to consumers.

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