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Ecommerce Merchant Account

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Advanced Ecommerce Merchant Account

An ecommerce merchant account brings a business into the 21st century with access to the latest technology for processing payment transactions. Many businesses still accept credit cards and/or checks that are processed with out-of-date systems. The instantaneous operation of merchant account service is light years ahead of these manual, paper-based procedures that were predominant years ago.

Electronic processing brings real-time transactions to what used to be a time-consuming procedure for both merchant and customer. Today, instant credit card processing and electronic check processing greatly simplify the merchant's task of handling payment processing. Payment gateways bring multi-featured technology to this procedure, virtual terminals permit transaction processing from temporary locations, and cellular processing enables merchants to conduct business on the move.

Fraud Protection

The risk of fraud is amplified in online transactions because the merchant has no credit card in hand. The merchant must approve or decline the card sight unseen. An ecommerce merchant account, however, permits the business owner to use the stringent fraud controls and protection that are part of electronic payment processing systems.

As a business owner, you may block any credit card for any reason, look up card numbers of questionable customers, and add names and countries that will not be allowed to make purchases. Companies as well as individuals can be entered into your customized database, and they will be automatically excluded from conducting any business with you. Certain countries may present problems in terms of resolving disputes should they arise, and these can be entered into the system enabled by an ecommerce merchant account.

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