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Ecommerce Shopping Cart

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Ecommerce Shopping Cart for Online Shopping

Ecommerce shopping cart programs are part of payment processing gateways in merchant accounts. Affordable merchant accounts provide many features designed to facilitate shopping by the consumer and payment processing by the merchant. Shopping carts are one of the many items that assist the online customer to find items fast, keep track of selected items easily, and check out smoothly.

Internet shopping has burgeoned in the last few years, and as websites have improved in clarity and appeal, so have sections of the sites that handle payment and shipping details. Each item is flagged in various ways, usually with a "But It" button and an ecommerce shopping cart symbol. The cart is a simple but effective means of allowing the customer to accumulate the desired items.

Keep Purchasing Simple

If you were to choose a basic, hosted shopping cart, it could become a part of your current website when you obtain a merchant account. This is far less expensive than installing your own SSL. The cart is an integral part of the entire purchase/check-out section of the website. Once the customer has selected all the items for purchase, the "check-out" button takes the customer to the final segments where purchase details are entered.

The ecommerce shopping cart section includes areas where the shopper selects a payment method, and enters credit card or check details. A shipping method is chosen, taxes computed, and totals calculated. Merchant account gateways figure taxes for each state, and can include in the figures the charges for shipping by the USPS, UPS, and FedEx.

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