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EFT, or electronic funds transfer, allows funds to be automatically deducted from a bank account. It is easy to set up this service for your customers. It also makes your business run smoother since payments are automated.

EFT Services

The most common use of EFT is for recurring payments. If you charge membership dues for any part of your business, members can be automatically billed each membership period. This makes it easier for both you and your members to keep up with payment schedules.

Perhaps you have subscription services as part of your business. Just as with memberships, subscriptions can be automatically billed on a recurring basis. There is no need to manually process the payments each time they occur. The system will automatically send your customers an e-mail receipt letting them know they have been billed.

There are payment solutions companies that provide excellent EFT services. Make sure to choose a company that provides secure transactions and allows you to track your memberships and subscriptions in customizable reports. With payment processing becoming so much easier, your valuable time can be spent on other things, such as advertising or product development.

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