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Fast Credit Card Processing

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Fast Credit Card Processing Is Good Business

Fast credit card processing is essential to a business if it is to continue to grow and still provide good customer service. Research clearly shows that accepting credit cards increases sales because buying with plastic is one of the hallmarks of modern society. Welcoming all major credit cards--VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover--lets the merchant tap into the purchasing power of the millions and millions of consumers who carry each one.

When customers can go shopping without being concerned with whether or not they have enough cash, or must make a trip to the bank, they tend to buy more and buy more expensive items with their credit cards. Making unplanned purchases also increases, and every merchant knows that impulse buying is a significant factor in sales volume. Cash-only customers tend to spend more money on paydays and just before holidays, but credit card holders spread out their spending because they do not need to have the cash available.

Booming Internet Sales

Every year, the volume of Internet sales increases dramatically, and credit card payment processing has fostered this phenomenon. Merchant accounts enable a business owner to participate in this gold mine with affordable electronic processing systems and services. Fast credit card processing lets a merchant get approval for payment without paperwork, so time and labor are saved.

Versatile equipment assists credit card transactions in the field or in temporary set ups, such as kiosks or limousines. A virtual terminal, for example, processes orders received via email, phone, or fax. Wherever there is Internet access, a merchant can get fast credit card processing and approval on the spot.

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