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Free Merchant Account

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Free Merchant Account for New Sign-Ups

A free merchant account is still another bonus that is part of extraordinary packages from the best merchant account providers. Many of the features of these packages come with steep prices from other companies. Go online to investigate the services, equipment, and rates of providers and you will see a variance among them that you should examine closely.

A virtual terminal used in mail/phone/Internet orders can cost $99-$295 from some companies. Shipping of equipment can cost $50-75; an ACH monthly statement for check processing can range from $10-20. Every item or service has the potential to incur charges, so read the rates/fees section of websites carefully because these features and more are free from top-quality providers.

Reputable Businesses Offer Low Cost Merchant Account

Companies that have been in the business of providing electronic payment processing equipment and services for years have the capacity to put together great deals for merchants. This is good business all the way around, for satisfied merchant-customers will stay with a company that has excellent offers, service, and support.

A free merchant account is just one feature of comprehensive packages that enable even a start-up or home business to take advantage of the streamlined benefits of using electronic payment processing systems. Any merchant who can accept all forms of payment--check or credit card--from a broad range of customers will increase sales volume just from this alone. Implementing this important customer service is made easier by obtaining a free merchant account.

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