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Free Merchant Account Setup

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Free Merchant Account Setup Is a Deal

A free merchant account setup is available from the best merchant account providers, and the features and services are exceptional. Make a merchant account comparison on websites to see exactly what you are getting in the way of equipment and benefits and exactly what the charges are. Take a look at setup charges and continuing charges to make sure you understand the total costs involved.

A free merchant account setup involves many specialized components that establish a comprehensive payment processing system. Some companies charge $50 for a site inspection fee; $10 monthly for a warranty; $10-50 monthly for sales receipts, and so on. When a list of components is "free," that is an impressive deal, especially for a new business operating on a shoestring.

Avoid Prohibitive Setup Costs

Look carefully at the rates and fees for various setup costs because they can add up to a grand total that is prohibitive for start-up and home businesses. Once you have done the comparison shopping, consider a free merchant setup from a reputable, experienced provider. Total setup costs can run up to $800, but there is no need to pay that and more when a free account is available.

A charge-by-phone setup can cost up to $395; if you are an on-the-go business owner, and taking orders by cellphone is essential to serving customers, why pay almost $400 if you can get it free? Some companies charge a $195 licensing fee for the Internet processing software that is installed on your computer, but wouldn't free software be better? Your budget may not be able to handle several-hundred-dollar fees for the services you need to implement electronic payment processing, so find a company that provides a free merchant account setup.

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