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Free Online Check Processing

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Free Online Check Processing: Added Bonus

Free online check processing is one of the great benefits of obtaining merchant accounts from low cost merchant account providers. You get quality payment processing equipment, the high-speed reliability of electronic transmissions, and bonus features too. Free online check processing is just one of the invaluable features for merchants who want to boost sales.

Sales on the Internet have been booming, as consumers realize that the security and instant approval of electronic processing bring advantages over shopping in department stores, for instance. When paying for selected merchandise can be accomplished in a few seconds, consumers see that they have not only saved a lot of time by shopping from home, but can use their preferred form of payment. Credit cards have been accepted for some time, and now free online check processing means consumers can pay from their existing checking or savings account.

Accept All Forms of Payment

A smart merchant uses all possible marketing tools to reach consumer groups that may not have been accessible previously. By being able to handle all forms of payment from customers, a merchant enlarges the customer base for the business. Checks are inherently risky, but with online check processing, potential fraud and risks from bad checks are contained.

ACH processing is an electronic system that enables merchants to accept their customers' checks with assurance. Many customers prefer checks over credit cards, or do not have credit cards. Websites can show check forms that help shoppers locate their routing and account numbers so they do not have to write a physical check, mail it, and wait for it to clear before the merchandise is shipped. Within seconds, authorization is granted, and the merchant has another sale because the customer could pay by check.

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