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Free Shopping Cart

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Free Shopping Cart with Merchant Accounts

A free shopping cart option is part of a package of features included in Internet payment gateways. These gateways enable merchants to manage their credit card and check payments from start to finish using electronic processing. The payment processing equipment--terminals and printers--permits the business owner to enter payment information, process it, and receive authorization for the purchase.

Electronic processing is fast, and has built-in fraud protection for the merchant; the safeguards offer many alternative means for the merchant to either check on customer information, or block customer purchases. In addition to the processing itself, gateways provide a free shopping cart option as an integral part of the purchase/check-out procedure for online patrons. Shopping cart symbols are an easy-to-use reference point for online shoppers to assist them in tracking their selections because they can always check the cart symbol to see a list of every item they have put into the cart./p>

Options for Carts

The easiest way to use these carts is to make them a part of your website, if you do not have carts already. The expensive option is to install your own SSL technology for carts. There are, however, a plethora of third party shopping carts that will mesh smoothly with merchant account gateways.

Go online and check the websites of payment processing providers that give lists of third party shopping carts that work with theirs. They will also provide instructions for testing to see if your present shopping cart will work with that of the provider. Invariably, stand-alone shopping carts are found to be compatible with the free shopping cart in the gateways.

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