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High Volume Merchant Account

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Business Owner's Dream: High Volume Merchant Account

A high volume merchant account means great sales volume and, by implication, great customer service. Increasing sales mean the business is going in the right direction, with competitive prices, good customer service, and full-service payment processing. Research indicates that accepting all forms of payment from customers leads directly to better sales, simply because the merchant has made it easy for customers to shop and make purchases.

Any business owner wants ever-increasing sales, and a major element in making this happen is acceptance of credit cards and checks through a high volume merchant account. When a customer can walk into a store and not be concerned about the form of payment, the customer is more likely to make a purchase, more likely to return to shop, and more likely to buy more expensive merchandise. Consumers' comfort level is largely based on knowing they can make any purchase, whether planned or unplanned, because the business offers fast credit card processing and instant check processing.

Credit Card Sales Increase Every Year

In this country, more than 52 million transactions are processed through VISA and MasterCard networks every day! Every year this figure rises dramatically; more than $300 billion was charged to VISA and MasterCard cards just in the first quarter of last year! More than $1.2 trillion total was charged to these cards in all of last year.

This represents a bonanza of potential sales for merchants who take advantage of electronic processing of check and credit card payments. A high volume merchant account handles these transactions instantly to the mutual satisfaction of merchant and customer. Regardless of the type of business, and regardless of whether it is an Internet business or retail store, merchant accounts are able to process all payments instantly.

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